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Security Training Refresher Course

Course Duration: One day

Target Audience: This training course is ideal for facilities managers, supervisors, employees and employers who have a responsibility for or are involved in work at height.

Aim: Work at Height can expose workers to particularly severe risks to their health & safety and continues to be a major cause of death and serious injury.  Employers and duty holders have a duty to protect anyone who might be exposed to these risks by ensuring that any form of work at height is planned, supervised and carried out safely.

Outcomes: Working at Height training course is essential for all those who are responsible for work at height and for the health and safety of others.  This specialist course covers all aspects relating to working at height and is designed to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of working at height including legislation, safety requirements and working methods.

Course Content:

  • Introduction (What is Working at Height)
  • Construction hazards
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hierarchy of Control
  • Height Safety Equipment selection
  • Safe Use of Associated Equipment
  • Maintenance & Checking of Equipment
  • Protection against falls from work at height
  • Protection against falling objects
  • Ladders and Step Ladders
  • Review of topics covered and objectives
  • Multiple Choice Test

Price: 120.0 AZN (Cost excluding VAT)

Certification: Certificate of completions will be awarded to all successful participants.

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